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ECU Engine Management


Type: Engine Management

Fits: Fiat Punto / Panda 1.2 8V 1999-2002
(188 A4 000 engine)

Price: TEST-£30 DECODE-£45 REPAIR-£90
If the ECU is not repairable, and should a replacement be available, a £50 surcharge will apply. However, if we are unable to repair the unit, and a replacement is not available, then the test fee will again be waived. If your unit is repaired or a replacement is supplied the test fee is also waived.
NB: All prices exclude VAT.
Please ring our customer service team for more details.
We are able to supply the Marelli IAW59F at a cost of £90 (plus VAT, £50 surcharge and any carriage applicable). Surcharge will be refunded upon receipt of a repairable core unit only. Orders received before 12.00pm will normally leave us the same day. NB:Orders received after this time are not guaranteed to leave us the same day.

We can only accept ECU's with a hardware (HW) number of 023, 024, 103 and 303 for test, repair or decode. Units with older hardware are not repairable. Immobiliser coding can be reset so that the ECU will re-align to the car upon the first turn of the ignition key.
When re-fitting a repaired or replacement ECU sometimes it is necessary to carry out the following procedures. These are as follows:

IAW 59F Fitting Instructions

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Fit the new ECU
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Start the car and the immobiliser light should extinguish after 2 seconds

Re-alignment Procedure

Once the car has been started the following steps will need to be carried out if the engine warning light flashes at a constant rate.

Allow the engine to fully warm up (the temperature gauge MUST read above 80 degrees)

  • Increase the engine speed to just above 5000 rpm and hold there for 3 seconds
  • Allow the engine to idle for 5 seconds

Repeat the two steps above two more times (3 in total) and the warning light should now go out and the re-learn procedure will be completed.

Common Faults: No ignition output on 2 cylinders

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