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Type: Engine Management

Fits: Astra / Meriva / Zafira 1.6 2004-2007 (Z16XEP)

Price: TEST-£30  DECODE-£45  REPAIR-£190.00
If the ECU is not repairable, and should a replacement be available, a £50 surcharge will apply. However, if we are unable to repair the unit, and a replacement is not available, then the test fee will again be waived. If your unit is repaired or a replacement is supplied the test fee is also waived.
NB: All prices exclude VAT.
Please ring our customer service team for more details.
Notes: Astra : We require the ignition key to test. For years 2004-2006 we also require the 4 digit security code.
Zafira : We require the ignition key to test.
Meriva : We require the key and immobiliser (transponder pick-up) box.
We can reset the security code so that it can be coded to the car using appropriate diagnostic equipment (Tech 2 or VAUX-COM).

Common Faults: Loss of ignition to 2 cylinders, non start when ECU is cold.

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