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ECU Engine Management


Type: Engine Management

Fits: Wagon R

Price: TEST-£30  DECODE-£45  REPAIR-£190.00
If the ECU is not repairable, and should a replacement be available, a £50 surcharge will apply. However, if we are unable to repair the unit, and a replacement is not available, then the test fee will again be waived. If your unit is repaired or a replacement is supplied the test fee is also waived.
NB: All prices exclude VAT.
Please ring our customer service team for more details.
Notes: We require the ignition key and immobiliser (key transponder chip pick-up) box to test.
We can reset the security code, or code your unit to an immobiliser box and key. 

Please let us know if you require us to read the security code from the ECU.

Common Faults: Intermittent non-starting. Rapidly flickering warning light on dashboard, chattering sound can be heard from the throttle body.

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